Shipping Costs

You must be a registered customer to see your estimated shipping costs.

Shipping costs for non registered customers will show as "free". This is because a guest cannot process a checkout and the goods would be collected from one of the factory premises.

Where goods are collected, no shipping costs are included.

Registered customers must also have a valid shipping address to see the correct freight costs. Where an address is not entered, the system can only assume that goods will be collected as no valid shipping address is available, therefore, goods will show as free shipping on the basis that the goods will be collected from the factory by you or your courier.

Shipping costs shown in the cart and checkout are based on your shipping location postcode. You can put a different shipping address where goods are to be shipped direct to your customer, or where you have one ordering location and a different shipping location. Shipment will always be based on a single shipping location, and where multiple locations are to be shipped to, orders should be placed separately.

Where the shipping destination postcode is out of the courier standard delivery areas, please select Express Post or Individual Quote. We will review the shipping postcode and advise the most economical methods to ship if one of the standard couriers ships to the location.

Note that the shipping costs are an estimate only. For most locations, the shipping will be accurate, but all freight will be reviewed when order is created.

For some locations however, where the majority of suburbs within a postcode are the same shipping zone, we have used that main zone to calculate the shipping costs. However, there will be some suburbs within a postcode that the selected courier will not ship to, the shipping cost may be slightly higher, or the shipping cost may be slightly lower. Where there is a shipping discrepancy, we will advise you when processing your sales order. We will always advise the most economical shipping method.

Shipping costs may vary due to the courier changing shipping zones for a suburb or postcode, courier may commence or cease shipping to a particular suburb, the location is just a remote location, the shipping location is an island where couriers do not ship to, among other reasons for a shipping variation.

Whilst we endeavour to have the shipping costs as accurate as possible, there are over 2000 shipping zones, couriers make changes as they see fit and we have to work in with it, and Australia is a very large country. With this in mind, there will be some variations among the accurate costs. If you are shipping to a remote or odd location, please confirm the postcode for final confirmation when quoting costs to your customer. 

Picking your carrier

Carrier prices are based on the shipping location and shipping weight.

When you have selected your products to purchase, your shipping costs will be based on the total shipping weight calculated, and the shipping location. Most items do not have shipping included, however, a few items will have free shipping, which is displayed on the product page. If the item has free shipping, it will be calculated at 0 weight and 0 cost added to the total freight.

In order to select the correct shipping costs, you will need to select the correct carrier based on your delivery postcode in the table below.

These costs are for all items shipped from our Sydney factories, and are for delivery to business premises, street address only.

Note that additional charges may apply to residential addresses, starting from $6 additional per shipment.

TNT freight residential charges are more than $60 additional per shipment up to 100kg and more than $200 additional per shipment for over 100kg.

Non business address or Post Office Box

For all shipments to non business address, that is a residence, including home offices, there is an additional cost which will be added to the final order amount.

Additional charges for non-business addresses start from $6 per shipment.

Shipment to Post Office Boxes is also not included, and will be quoted separately. For shipments to PO Boxes, select the carrier, Australia Post or Individual Quote. The shipping costs will be calculated and added to the final order amount.

Road Freight or Express Post

Shipments will be mainly through TNT Road Express or Fastway Couriers. An option to select Express Post exists for all shipments, but it does not always mean it will be faster than Road Express. 

We will use the most economical and fastest shipping available from the two standard couriers.

Most shipments to Canberra metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro and Sydney Metro are overnight delivery. Adelaide metro is typically 2 days and Perth metro (which is a limited area) is typically 3 days transit. Freight delays can occur which are out of our control, so while this may be typical transit time, it may not be the specific transit time for your parcel.

Shipping is also available with DHL Express courier, overnight to many distant destinations. Please select Individual Quote for pricing.

REDDER4 - Collect from Factory

Where REDDER4 - Collect from Factory is selected, the shipping price will not show as free, as there is no additional charge to collect from our Moorebank factory. The Sales Order will show collect as the shipping method, and goods will be advised as when available for collection from the Moorebank factory. If goods are requested to be shipped after being advised that they are ready for collection, an additional order will be processed for the shipping of the goods, and goods will not be shipped until the shipping order is paid and processed. This will delay the shipping of the goods. If you realise that the goods require shipping after the order is placed, please advise at the ealiest so that the order can be altered for shipping before production finished, and there are no delays in the product being received.

Individual Quote

Where Individual Quote is selected, the shipping price will not show up on the system generated order. The shipping price will be added to the formal Sales Order which will be sent through detailing the total cost including freight. The $0 price showing online is only to allow the Individual Quote to be selected, and does not represent the actual cost, as it is a unique quote for you.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as shipping and postage costs. As transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment, we advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, and you are expected to have adequate insurance to cover and shipping losses. Special care is taken to protect your products, but parcels do get damaged or go missing from time to time. 

Shipping costs are based on the customers registered post code. Where the customer requests shipping direct to an alternate address, shipping costs may vary based on the final shipping post code and address.